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Verk - Visual Identity & Packaging

Visual identity and packaging for watch manufacturer Verk. Watchmaker Verk, meaning 'artwork' and 'clockwork' in Swedish, came to Studio Ahremark at the beginning of their journey as a company. They needed a strong visual identity and elegant packaging that would elevate them above your average watch brand and present customers with a luxurious experience. The resulting applications accommodate a simplistic yet bold visual system based on clean cuts, an all-gray color palette and sharp typography in the form of Proxima Nova Alt.

Macquarie Group, 50 Martin Place

50 Martin Place in Sydney, Australia

candy killers v characters

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Annual Report Design

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance's 2016 annual report is designed with the concept of "air" and the brand's core value "good insurance" combined, meaning the value of their insurance is equivalent to the value of the oxygen, it is essential in our lives but cannot be seen with our bare eyes. We produced the book with paper made out of pulp to subtract weight and with transparency to push the idea of thin air. We also inserted scent to add more dimensionality to the communication of our concept. For the body pages, we used the colors associated with air such as "Spring blue" with gradation to express fresh air spreading out, which were also applied through charts, infographics and illustrations to keep a steady tone. The first part of the book focuses on the brand's value and the second part contains information of the company's annual management.

OFFF campaign 2018

Intestine and space travel, works in sketchbooks June18


The Latin wave invades the Arabian desert, with fresh fruits and tropical flavors, Ananas is a different and unique option to compete in the huge demand of cafes and juice bars in the region.

Nike - White Hot 2.0

For the launch of 5 classic shoes in perhaps the most classic colourway there is, we unlocked the gradient tool and blasted our screens with ramped colours. Then. We bubbled, we distorted, we deconstructed, ripped, pulled, peeled and revealed the shoes to their pure white on white on whiteness.
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